MISSION 2022-2023

To live healthy and promote well-being

Intervention area

Alakamisy Ambohimaha is a picturesque village located 25 kilometers north of Fianarantsoa in the Haute Matsiatra region, 400 kilometers south of Antananarivo, the capital city of Madagascar.

Founded in 1960, Alakamisy Ambohimaha is home to nearly 31,200 inhabitants.

Our 2 projects in the municipality

To support health structures and to help the most vulnerable

  • Rehabilitation and re-equipment of the CSB II dispensary in the commune of Alakamisy Ambohimaha
  • Women’s and men’s awareness of menstrual hygiene

Project descriptions

1. Rehabilitation and re-equipment of the CSB II dispensary

The Alakamisy Ambohimaha dispensary consists of a main building for medical consultations and patient reception, a maternity ward, and a building for patient attendants.

The rehabilitation will consist of the following actions:

  • The renovation of the walls, floors, ceilings, roofs on all three buildings
  • The replacement of the glazing on the original frames
  • The installation of a photovoltaic system (lighting for a 24-hour reception)
  • The painting of the walls and ceilings

The re-equipment will consist of donations from health structures.

Indeed, Dr. Patricia Tantely Randrianasolo, General Practitioner and Head of the CSB II center, told us that she needs mattresses for the maternity ward beds, tensiometers, oxygen concentrators, ultrasound scanners and medical clipping devices. Thus, these various pieces of equipment will be provided to the CSB II center according to the donations provided by the partner medical structures.

2. Women’s and men’s awareness of menstrual hygiene

The objective is to organize mixed workshops (men and women) of awareness on health and menstrual hygiene management in order to:

  • Disseminate information about female physiology and the hygiene conditions necessary for basic health security
  • Deconstruct the bad practices as well as the misconceptions about menstruation
  • Give back dignity, intimacy, and security to young Malagasy girls by offering them a menstrual kit that can be reused for about 1 year

The TAMANA association is committed to distributing menstrual kits made by local dressmakers to women in the municipality of Alakamisy Ambohimaha.

As a first step, we would like to have a test period by equipping about fifty women in order to collect quantitative and qualitative data. These data will be used to draw conclusions concerning the strengths and weaknesses of this project, to evaluate the satisfaction of the users and to collect comments regarding what they liked, moderately liked, or did not like at all.

For this project, TAMANA wanted to collaborate with the NGO CARE for its expertise in the field. To ensure the sustainability of its projects, the NGO CARE values the local skills of the countries in which it is involved.

Thus, thanks to a contact with the organization, TAMANA was put in touch with a Malagasy tailor from the region, Tolotriniaina Benjamin TAHINJANAHARY. A young man in his final year of high school but also a fashion designer committed to women’s menstrual hygiene. Trained by the RANO WASH project, funded by USAID and implemented by the NGO CARE, Tolotra created his own start-up named MEVA, composed of 4 dressmakers.

Tolotra is also the winner of the «whoever sold the most washable sanitary napkins» contest in his district! Thanks to his work, Tolotra creates employment in his region and feeds a dozen families, including his own.

TAMANA is thus very happy to be able to collaborate with this young entrepreneur, who will provide us with menstrual kits for the women of the commune of Alakamisy Ambohimaha.

As for the speech and words to be used during the awareness-raising workshops aimed at breaking the taboo of menstrual hygiene, TAMANA will benefit from the experience and help of Tolotra and his teams.

To finance the purchase of sanitary protection, TAMANA is launching a sale of T-shirts bearing its image:
1 T-SHIRT PURCHASED = 1 MENSTRUAL KIT FINANCED, which will be distributed to one of the women of the commune.

The success of this 2022-2023 mission depends above all on your generosity
So, companies, individuals … WE NEED YOU!

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